Pflugerville City Hall 1

Pflugerville is another example of a sleepy, Austin “suburb” that is growing fast and making waves. What started as a small, German settlement back in the 1850s grew into a recognized and incorporated city in 1965. That makes Pflugerville “pfifty”! What was once a tiny agricultural community named after Henry Pfluger, the first German settler, has become a popular city of over 50,000 inhabitants.  Pflugerville was even named one of the best places to live by Sperlings “Best Places” for full article please visit their website here.


You can get to Austin in less than thirty minutes, but the beauty of Pflugerville may make your cravings for the big city subside. With a “man made” lake, built with the intent of supplying the community with water (which it certainly does), it has blossomed into the city’s biggest “family playground.” The lake sits on a 180 acre reservoir and includes a three mile walking/running trail, a playground, a boat launch, a pavilion, and a beach area. The lake may be utilized for swimming, fishing, and water sports like canoeing, kayaking, and wind and kite surfing. Furthermore, the 350 acre Northeast Metro Skate/BMX Park is a multiple use recreational and event space with multi-use fields for soccer, baseball, and cricket, basketball and tennis courts, a skate park, playgrounds, and picnic areas with grills for barbecuing. The park has a little something for everyone’s outdoor entertainment. Finally, the newest addition to the Pflugerville community, the Hawaiian Falls, has water and tubing to keep you cool in the Texas summer heat. It’s a great time for the whole family and one big reason why so many people are settling in Pflugerville.  For more information about Plugerville,TX,  visit the city’s website at


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