In 1982, A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning & Home Solutions developed the “whole house” concept to help residents and businesses throughout Austin, TX save energy costs.

Whole House Concept Improvements


Back in the day, you might have been told to replace your cooling system with a new, high-efficiency, two-speed air conditioner with a 10 SEER (energy rating). You were probably also told to increase the size of your system because “bigger is better.” If you wanted a more energy-efficient home, you added more insulation. We figured there was more to making a building more efficient, so we set to find out what that was.

We weatherstripped doors and windows, sealed building “air leaks,” reduced air leakage from AC ducts, replaced damaged ducts, blocked direct sun heat gain through windows and skylights, increased attic ventilation and more. Interestingly, we found out that homes and businesses that used less electricity and smaller air conditioners provided better heating and cooling. We also found that a unit that is too small works too hard, and a unit that is too large doesn’t remove enough humidity.

What does this all mean? Proper sizing is the key. A home that was less “demanding” – a house that had an AC system that was smaller and used less electricity – provided better comfort than the older, over-sized cooling system. The concept was so simple. Imagine standing in the cold and only part of you is properly clothed. Only part of you will be comfortable. Imagine that it is 0 degrees outside, and you have on shorts and a t-shirt. It will take a large fire to keep you warm. Add layers of clothing (in this case, adding insulation and weatherstripping to your home) and now a smaller heat source is necessary to keep you warm. You need less cooling and heating if your building is properly “dressed,” thus the concept of “whole house” energy conservation.

What is Whole House Concept?

A whole house approach takes multiple variables into consideration to achieve the most energy-efficient solution for your home, including weatherization, insulation, duct repair & replacement, solar gain and more. When we are called out to replace a heating and cooling system, we always take the “whole house” approach. We evaluate several things: the size of your unit, the condition of your duct work, possible air leaks via windows and doors, the amount of insulation in your home and sun heat gain through windows and skylights. A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning & Home Solutions will help you determine the proper steps to take in order to conserve energy, lower your utility bills, and achieve higher levels of home comfort.

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