InsulationInsulation comes in different colors, such as grey, white, pink and yellow, and different material types, such as cellulose, rock wool, cotton or fiberglass. They all do the job of keeping your home or business wrapped in a “blanket”. They keep conditioned air in and hot or cold air out. The more insulation you have, the less your air conditioner and heater runs, costing less to operate. You need at least 12+ inches of any of the types mentioned, so check your attic to see if your home is insulated adequately. If you think you have enough because it covers the tops of your joists, think again. While only a few years ago, R-19 was the standard, today the standard is R-38 in our climate zone. Don’t cut yourself short! After you seal and replace bad ducts, add more insulation. Your home will be more comfortable and your electric and gas bills will be less.