Our team has lifetimes of years of experience heating and cooling homes. Find out more about our team by clicking on the profiles below.



Greg Yamin, President

When I think about how long I have been in the energy conservation business, I have to go back to the oil embargo days of the 1970’s.

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Josh Yamin, Home Solutions Manager/Energy Auditor

Josh has been working in the family business ever since he can remember.

When he was 14 he helped the weatherizers loading the insulation hoppers.  He was also small enough to crawl in the attics to help spray the insulation.  Each summer break he would learn something different.  He learned to seal and wrap ductwork, assist the AC installers, and do work around the office including all the data entry.  During his last year at UT, he became a BPI certified Auditor.  After graduating from the University of Texas in 2010, he jumped right in and took over the auditing department.  Josh is also an EPA Certified Lead Safe Renovator, and Certified to do single family ECAD Residential & Multifamily Audits.  He is trained to do WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program) Audits & TDHCA NEAT Audits.  He’s also certified to balance air flow in homes through NCI.    Josh is proud to have been awarded Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America in 2000.  We are proud and pleased to have him working with us in an area of new growth for the times in which we live in.  Energy efficiency is very much on the top of the list on homeowner’s minds, and Josh is able to give good advice to those wishing to save on utilities.

Josh’s youth belies his real experience.   The customers’ feedback on his helpfulness with “energizing” their homes references the A-Plus attitude – “How can we help you?”

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Our Office Personnel



Sharon Yamin, “The Real Boss”

While Sharon was “with” me from the beginning (1977), she did not join the A-Plus family until our daughter Jackie was born in 1988.

From the start she did everything in the office. She answered phones, dispatched, did payroll, was responsible for the marketing, and more. Now, she had to put up with me at home and at work. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree from UT, she spent her next 10 years leading the apartment leasing division of Meisler Realty as a licensed Real Estate Broker. She thought working with me would give her more time with the kids. That surely didn’t happen at first. She was needed much more than we ever imagined. Her ability to communicate with customers, vendors, and employees turned out to be invaluable. She has the level head and temperament to bring calm to the most tense situations. She goes the extra mile to help customers. They love her.

Even today, she still travels with me to air conditioning, energy conservation & solar expos, as well as all vendor and manufacturer meetings to stay abreast of market place changes. Currently she still does most things around the office, mostly focusing on marketing and making sure the company is represented well. Sharon is always keeping an eye on the techs uniforms and trucks and that they are presentable. She makes sure everything with the A-Plus name is proper. “First impression is of the utmost importance when we are going in someone’s home. We have to look as good as the services we provide!” She still remains the “calm” presence in the office.

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Taffy Yamin, “Office Support Dog”

Taffy has worked at A-Plus just about every day of her life! She is known as A-Plus’ “Hardest Worker” as she checks in on all of our office staff and
lounges around in everyone’s offices.

She is the first one to greet the delivery trucks, mailman and customers who visit our office. Taffy finds humor in tricking the office staff into opening the front door to let her out, and then let her back in every 5 minutes. It is a constant battle that Taffy is clearly winning.

She loves belly rubs, long walks in the park and swimming at the lake. Her most favorite thing in the entire world is her human, Josh! When Josh returns to the office after a long day’s work in the field, the sleepy little Eeyore dog quickly gets a burst of youthful exuberance full of joy. We love having Taffy here at our office!

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Alicia Ayon, Office Administration

When Alicia walked into the office, it was like an angel brought her to us. When she came in to interview with us, the office was so busy, we asked her to stay that day! She quickly stepped into the routine, organized everything she touched, and has been an integral part of the office ever since. When you call into the office, Alicia will most likely be the cheerful voice you’ll hear.

In addition to working with us, Alicia has 2 small daughters who keep her busy outside the office, especially when her fiancé is on the road.

Alicia says she loves her job because we have the greatest customers and a great company team. We all have to agree, she one of the best parts of the team.

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Katy Morrissey

Katy Morrissey, Office Administration – Home Solutions

As Debi says, “Katy is the best thing that’s happened to us!” We are so lucky to have Katy working with us. She is Austin born and raised.

Katy is a graduate from our own University of Texas at Austin. She has a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television and Film, and she has worked in the production of shows like “The X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent”.

Her parents have been long time customers of A-Plus, so she knew about us and how we operate long before working here. When you call, you’ll hear her cheerful voice answering the phones. If she can’t answer your questions, she’ll make sure she finds you the person who can. She wears many hats! In addition to answering phones, Katy is the organizational force behind Home Solutions. She answers phones, helps dispatch, keeps the office running smoothly, making sure the install paperwork gets done, and the schedules get confirmed.

We hope she’ll be here forever! But if not, maybe she’ll make a movie about us!

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Vanessa Brown, Office Administration

Vanessa loves her animals, two small dogs and a snake named BJ. Before joining the A-Plus staff, she worked at a local vet clinic. Turns out, Vanessa recognizes many of our A-Plus customers as clients she worked with at the vet clinic.

Vanessa loves her animals, two small dogs and a snake named BJ. Before joining the A-Plus staff, she worked at a local vet clinic. Turns out, Vanessa recognizes many of our A-Plus customers as clients she worked with at the vet clinic. You might recognize her Midwest accent while speaking with her on the phone.

On the weekends, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her friends and competing with them in video games. Her favorite gaming console is the computer. When she picks up the phone, be sure to ask her what the latest and greatest game is!

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David Shinn, Service Coordinator/ Dispatcher

David came to us in 1996 with an HVAC Associate Degree from Texas State Technical Institute.

He was technically smart, but short on experience. He quickly became our best service technician. He eventually came in from the field to take over the dispatching and managing the service department. His technical skills in the office are just as good as they are in the field. He has the patience to calm upset customers on a 105 degree day with a broken air conditioner while he is able to assist the technicians when needed because of his vast knowledge and skills. He takes great pride working with all our customers and techs. Every now and then you might even see him in the field assisting one of the service techs. He makes sure the trucks are well stocked so the technicians can efficiently finish each job without leaving to pick up parts. He takes it personally that he can help save the customer time and money.

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Debi Mayes, Senior Customer Service Representative

After being a vital part of A-Plus for 19 years, Debi has recently retired.

She will be greatly missed but we all know that she will enjoy retirement and living in the house that her husband has been renovating for the last few years.  As many of our long time customers will miss her cheerful voice, she will also be missed around the office for always providing delicious food.

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Allan Hunt, Accounting Department

Allan came to us in May 2012 after earning his accounting degree from Texas State University. He and his mate, Dana, have 4 children and several grandchildren to enjoy.

Allan is a native of Hobbs, New Mexico and has worked in radio since 1975. Currently his weekends are spent at KLBJ-Emmis Austin Radio as a part time newscaster and audio producer. He gave up his position on the Austin Morning News w/Mark, Ed & Sgt Sam team in May 2012 when he came to work for us. He has also served our country in the Navy many years ago.

His interests include sustainable organic farming and research. Allan volunteers around Austin at the Capital Area Food Bank, the annual Coats for Kids program and the annual Light the Night event for the Leukemia Society on the auditing team. You might just run into him enjoying outdoor events all around Austin.

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Curtis Burson, Accountant Emeritus

In 1999 Curtis joined us and took over the accounting department.

Our previous bookkeeper was retiring and we were hopeful to find someone who could fill his shoes. Curtis allayed our fears. His CPA experiences and many years in the business brought a wealth of knowledge. He worked with us through the ups and downs, slow times and crazy summers, and moving offices until he retired from full time work somewhere in 2005. From then on he’s been physically filling in when needed, but always overseeing the books, advising us and just stopping by to visit. We always appreciate his input and guidance. In addition to being there for us, he reigns as a Texas champion horse shoe thrower. You can see him in action if you visit Sun City, Georgetown.

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Our Personnel in the Field



Donald Nieto, Service Technician

While Donald is not a true Austinite, his parents got him here as fast as they could.

From first grade through graduating from the high school down the street from the office, Donald calls Austin home.  He actually went to the same high school as our kids went to.  He is a graduate of Capital City Trade and Technical, is EPA Certified Universal, bilingual and licensed with TDLR.  When he came to A-Plus, he had only 2 years of field experience, but possessed a strong willingness to grow.  We felt we could teach him the skills he lacked because he had the eagerness to please the customers, something you can’t teach.  On his application he wrote “I am organized, efficient, hard working and very eager to learn”.  That has proven to be a true statement.   Many customers now ask for him by name.

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Angel Reyes, Service Technician

Angel was drawn to Austin by its beautiful landscape and hills in 1976. Although the city has grown, Angel still loves living in Austin.

His dream job was to be in the service field. Angel started out in electronics repair. He can fix almost any type of electronic devise you can imagine, from old VHS machines to the best micro wave ovens. But his favorite (thank goodness!) is central air conditioning equipment. He worked his way into the field as a helper. First he started out by assisting with installing new equipment, then to mobile homes, and finally as a service technician. He was in the field 3 ½ years before coming to A-Plus. Angel is EPA Certified Universal and licensed with TDLR.

He is soft spoken as he carefully diagnoses the equipment. Angel took classes at ACC in the HVAC field, however most of his knowledge is self taught. His electronics skills are amazing, which adds to his attention to detail. You will enjoy working with him as much as we do.

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Arturo Garcia, Service Technician

After Arturo’s first customer called in to tell us she “appreciated his time and his ever so diligent work” on her unit, we knew we hired the right person for the job.

He graduated from Everest Institute with a degree in HVACR and went to work in commercial service for Taco Cabana.

Arturo joined us in May of 2013. He’s a good match for us because fixing things are a sense of accomplishment for him. We like that he is patient in working through the repair and patient with the customer by explaining what he’s doing and how he’s taking care of the problem. He is Bilingual, EPA Certified Universal and licensed with TDLR.

Away from work, he’s a foodie at heart. He enjoys trying new restaurants around Austin, but his favorite is always Chinese food.

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Chris Wade, Home Solutions Handyman

Chris has owned several homes that he has fixed up himself, including replacing fences and decking, installing flooring, light fixtures, ceiling fans, he really enjoys building closet organizers with custom shelving.

Because of his vast knowledge, many customers ask for him by name.   He enjoys working hard to see the final solution to a customer’s request.  Chris may be our handyman by day, but turns into a world class soccer enthusiast cheering on his beloved Tottenham Hotspurs, an English football club located in Tottenham, London. Chris wanted to make sure the world knows that he loves chocolate chip cookies without nuts, if anyone is so inclined to bake for him.

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Kevin Price, Home Solutions Handyman

Kevin is one of our senior handymen here at A-Plus, who has been with the Home Solutions department from the very start.

Problem solving is his niche and he can fix almost anything!  Kevin takes pride in his work. He treats each and every customer’s home like it is his very own.  When it comes to reviews, Kevin is our most mentioned employee on Angie’s List, Google and Yelp, just to name a few.   If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself!

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